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Show your support for the U.S. military with three colors 550 cord, specifically designed for each branch, woven together in a wider version of the fishtail weave. Two of the colors are fused together, and the Multicam/Marine Digicam is separate, so you will have two separate pieces of cord. The branch-specific colors will have atleast 6' - 9' and Multicam/Marine Digicam will have at least 4' - 6' of cord depending on the bracelet size.


Wear as a cool accessory that doubles as an essential piece of survival equipment in an emergency.


* Please note that the color(s) of product(s) received may vary slightly from that displayed due to variations in screen/monitor calibration. *

Military Trilobyte

  • Please measure the circumference of your wrist with a measuring tape. Not too tight but not too loose, just touching the skin. You can cut a piece of paper into a strip and mark the edges, then measure using a rigid measuring tape if you do not have one that can be wrapped around your wrist. If you are in between sizes, I suggest going for the next size up.

    Youth/XS: 5" - 6"

    Small: 6" - 7"

    Medium: 7" - 8"

    Large: 8"-9"

    *Can make custom size(s) upon request

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